I bought this selfie stick before our cross-country road trip as a tester to see if it was worth it to have a selfie stick. I bought one of the lowest priced ones on Amazon, as again, it was a tester. And now that I’ve used this, I highly recommend having one and I might invest in a better one, although this one was perfectly fine for all needs.

You can’t extend your arm long enough to take good selfies in general! Or without seeing your armpit in the photos, lol. This selfie stick is very lightweight and portable, it extends and then folds down for easy storage. I was even able to “hook it” onto my pants in order to carry it around while walking around sightseeing. The little bluetooth remote is so cool and useful also! So you can press the button in your hand wirelessly to take photos, rather than setting timers or something. It also doubles as a tripod for your phone. As a tripod it’s a little flimsy, however as long as the center foot is down, it’s pretty sturdy.

You will take such great selfie photos, especially if you’re trying to get 2 or more people in the photo! My boyfriend and I brought this on our road trip, and when my best friend saw this, she immediately placed an order for one, as she was about to travel to Italy!

For such a low price, it’s SO worth it to get a selfie stick, as long as you have no shame about using it in public, lol. Who cares?? You’ll end up with great travel photos! My other friend saw some of our photos using this and he was like “wow you guys got GREAT photos!”You don’t have to spend a lot of money on one in order to have a very useful stick. I’m not sure if a more expensively priced selfie stick offers any more benefit, but will let you know if I get one!

We’ve been using this selfie stick even now as a tripod for recording pickleball videos! Also, it lasted the whole 3 week road trip, and is still going, without having to replace the battery in the remote!