YM Magazine

Siemen’s Handphones – Singapore


Sean Bolger Photography

Steve Azzara Photography

Starz People Comp Card – Hong Kong

Victor Anthony Photography – Los Angeles

Make-up & Hair: Parker McKenzie

Naturistics Make-up


Shot in Minneapolis

Wes Klein Photography – Los Angeles

Michael Sanville Photography – Los Angeles

Levi Jeans Commercial “Talent Show”

Unfortunately did not make it to air, but I’m SAG-Eligible because of this booking

Female Magazine – Singapore

Lee Jeans

Jana Sanford Photography

Dutch Hair Magazine

Styled by Rene Fris

Regis Corporation

Shot by Guy Aroch

Your Prom Magazine

Le Garage Canada

Shot in Montreal by Beth Studenberg

East Magazine – Singapore

Her World Brides Magazine – Singapore

Exxon Mobile

My friend saw this randomly in Italy while at a gas station


James Demaria Photography

Eric Schneider Photography

Seventeen Magazine – Hair Issue

Stylist: Charles Worthington

Eric Hason Photography

Camille Domain Photography

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