Sophie Giraffe Teething Toy for Newborns

I asked my best friend for ideas for newborn baby gifts as I was sending a care package to my step-sister in South Korea who was due to have a baby this summer. My best friend in turn asked her sister, since her sister has two kids. One of her highly recommended suggestions was this Sophie Giraffe!  She said that for some reason babies love it, and she was right!

It’s a great, safe gift for a newborn whether boy or girl and perfect for when they start teething.

I bought one and included it in the box to Korea and firstly, my other adult step-sister wanted to keep it for herself, lol, just because she liked it.  But of course it was for the baby.  Within a few weeks of the baby’s birth, my step-sister was sending me photos of her baby with the giraffe and said it was already the baby’s favorite!  And he’s not even teething yet.

If you’re unsure what to buy as a gift for someone having a baby, definitely put a Sophie Giraffe teething toy in your cart!  You can’t miss with this baby gift!