I wasn’t sure this teeth cleaning tool was going to work, but I looked at reviews and decided to try.

At first I was afraid to use it, afraid that it was going to chip my teeth or make holes.  So I took it slow.

My lower front teeth are crooked and so, there’s a lot of build-up behind them.

I used a magnifying mirror to help me see.  I love that the plaque tool has a light that shines inside your mouth as you use it, otherwise I don’t know how I would have been able to do it right.

It took a few days of using, mainly because again, I was a little scared/cautious about doing damage to my teeth.

But once I felt confident that it was only taking off the plaque and not drilling holes in my teeth, I was able to remove the build up behind my front teeth quite easily!

It’s so cool how the plaque remover tool is able to know when it’s touching tartar/plaque versus when it touches your gums.

It simply won’t buzz/vibrant if you touch it to your gums or even to your arm to test it, lol.

I didn’t think I could remove plaque and tartar without going to the dentist but this tool showed me that you can!

I’ve already suggested this tool to my best friend and she bought one too!

GREAT product!

Ps. I did notice if I used it for too long, my teeth got a little sensitive, so definitely, if you have a lot of build-up, do your cleaning over a few days rather than all at once.

I’m so happy I tried this tartar remover tool, it was much less invasive than going to the dentist to do it!

Pss. This is not the exact model that I bought, however, I’m pretty sure than ANY of the plaque remover tools you find on Amazon will work in similar fashion!