Nike Sandals – Tanjun Sandals – Great Sandals w/ Heel Strap for Everyday Wear!

I’ve bought these Nike sandals three times now.

First I bought the black ones and they lasted for TWO years!

I bought them because I prefer sandals with a heel strap / heel support, rather than slip-on / step-in sandals that I feel insecure while walking that they might fly off my feet.  These sandals have great traction on the bottom and are very comfortable.

The strap fastener is what wore out first, but I used a tiny bit of shoe glue to fix it and that work wonders!  The first pair I bought are still wearable actually, and I’m going to donate to homeless, but the sole traction has worn down quite a bit.

I love how these sandals can be worn daily, you can walk, or hike in them even.

Recently, I bought a new pair of black and also a pair in gray / white, so now I have two pairs to switch and wear since I do wear a lot of gray colored clothing items.

If you’re like me, and need HEEL support on your sandals, and looking for something that can be worn doing almost anything, then get a pair of these Nike Tanjun sandals.  For me, I’m a 7.5 in women’s and bought 7.5.  True to size!

They’re also very affordable and durable; will last more than a year!